Top 10 Best Content Writing Companies in India 2022

Top 10 Best Content Writing Companies in India 2022

Top 10 Best Content Writing Companies in India 2022

Today, content writing encompasses the process of thinking, planning, and composing web content. A content writer may also have to promote and edit the content they create. An inbound marketing strategy that uses content to attract audiences to a specific company, product, or web page is content writing. Following are the top content writing companies in India. We all know content is king, content is the sole pillar for the digital presence and visibility of the websites and brands on social media

Write Right

Content writing agency Write Right is one of India’s top-rated, registered, and recognized firms. As one of the best content writing services providers in India with 50+ expert and experienced writers, Write Right offers all types of content writing services: blog writing, sop writing, resume writing, email writing and e-book writing. The sister companies of Write Right are Estorytellers, Kalam Kagaz, and Taletel, which produce content in many different verticals and forms. Bhavik Sarkhedi founded Write Right in mid-2016. Since then, the company has grown 10x and continues to do so.

It competes with Sharks such as Pepper Content, Brafton, Express Writers, Scatter, and Verbilo. Designed to keep the client’s needs in mind, its projects are perfect and adhere strictly to deadlines, making it one of India’s most successful content companies. The company has become one of the top content companies within a short period due to its 100% client satisfaction.

To altogether abolish the ‘Cents per Word’ mundane routine, writer Bhavik Sarkhedi founded Write Right with the sole focus of providing ‘Quality Per Word. Write Right has India’s best ratings and reviews as a content marketing and writing company. Write Right is making its mark in the world’s top content writing agencies with over 1500 positive reviews, over 570 satisfied clients, and over 2000 positive reviews (happy faces).


The official India subsidiary of WRITE RIGHT, India’s highest reviewed and rated content creation company, is Estorytellers. Content service provider Estorytellers offers SOP writing as a primary service. By making your application distinctive, clear, engaging, and unique, the writers at Estorytellers make sure it stands out from the rest.

Estorytellers have been writing SOPs that are creative, vibrant, and relatively structured. A team of young enthusiasts writes flawless SOPs to enhance your application and assist you in getting admitted to the institution of your choice. Your SOP will be stunning, and make the committee note your achievements and life goals.


Creating quality content is a speciality of Taletell’s professionals. Using concise language, they create remarkable SOP. SOP’s length or several words is another myth that exists. The experts pointed out that long SOPs do not require endless jargon, and it is sufficient to fill out the mandatory information to join the course. Experts at Taletel revealed a high level of professionalism in a concise SOP. The viewer saves time, and the reader might feel overwhelmed by a very long SOP at first glance.

Kalam Kagaz

Services include SEO, website content writing, guest blogging, newsletter writing, landing page writing, lead generation, Google AdWords, Facebook AdWords, Facebook page management, PPC & Social Media, Google ad copywriting, Facebook ad copywriting, and Facebook page management. With a team of experienced content writers, Kalam Kagaz offers superb content that is both valuable and flawless. Hiring content writers online is convenient for you. Because of their years of experience working with diverse clients from the U.S.A., U.K., Israel, India, Australia, etc., they rank higher on the Top 10 Best Content Writing Companies list.

Bhavik Sarkhedi & Company

Top 10 Best Content Writing Companies in India 2022

A content company named Bhavik Sarkhedi was founded to serve the needs of businesses and corporations with all kinds of content. Writing creative content, SOP writing, and website content are some of the company’s specialities. This company was founded by Bhavik Sarkehdi, who specializes in providing content services in India, and he is also an author with three books to his name. Besides its expertise in content development, this company also has a team of professional writers led by Bhavik Sarkhedi.

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Besides Entrepreneur India Magazine, Bhavik writes for Huffington Post, Yourstory, and fifteen other renowned blogs. The key to making this company one of the best content companies in India is the innovation and personal approach to every project.


This company focuses more on proudly displaying its rich statistical data, as it is India’s biggest operational content team. In addition to blog writing, the company provides website content, copywriting, technical writing, product descriptions, email messages, and more. Each day, the company produces more than 60,000 words combined by 100 writers and 20 editors. Within 36 hours, both quantity and quality of work are submitted. It is one of the top content writing agencies, with more than 200 clients across 15+ countries. Their clientele seeking SEO content might get a free content strategy from them.


Another well-known company in digital marketing and content development is Bloggism. While the company offers SEO content writing, digital marketing, and social media marketing, its primary focus is all kinds of content creation for websites. Customers and clients of the company are from India and from all over the world. Their client has grown revenue from $500k to $1.5M, and they are Google partners.


It offers article writing, blogging, web content, product specifications, e-books, and media content. Founded in 2010, the company has excelled at creating quality, meaningful content for its clients in Gurgaon, India. The company has clients from all over the world. The company specializes in creating SEO-friendly content. A unique feature of the company is the production of video content, which is a rare and unique service that adds value to the business. The writer of this post is officially recognized as one of the world’s top content writers.


An American writer provides SEO content for the company. The service allows you to order content at an affordable price to scale a website. Furthermore, the content you receive will be well researched and written by someone who can speak English. WordAgents allows you to order bulk content and get delivery as soon as possible. They offer a 7-day turnaround time for orders up to 10,000 words. With this feature, you can easily put a lot of content on your website or order a lot of clients at once.

Using WordAgents, you can ensure that every piece of content looks the way you want before it is approved since it is optimized for keywords, proofread, and checked for plagiarism. WordAgents makes ordering content easy, and their customer support makes the process seamless.

Abhi Content Writer

The four juniors from the Salt Lake campus of Techno India in 2012 came to Abhi Content Writer for training. Through its tireless and devoted service for the past seven years, it has become one of India’s most renowned content writing companies.

A small team of employees started the company’s journey, but it soon grew to 18 full-timers and 13 part-timers, and the company continues to grow. Their client base comprises 350+ startups, SMEs, and enterprises worldwide.

What does a content writer do?

Digital marketing is changing the definition of content, which has implications for the role of a content writer. Many content writers specialize in one aspect of content creation. For example, they write search-engine-optimized blog posts. Other content writers might offer various services relating to creating engaging, relevant content.

Identifying a company’s target audience and creating content for them is the fundamental role of a content writer. Adapting tone of voice and marketing efforts to target audiences is part of the job of the best content writers. They can also write content that is search engine-friendly and human-friendly at the same time.

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Content writing practices are used to create different types of content today, such as:

The following are some of the tasks a content writer may be responsible for:

While some companies have separate SEO experts who handle keyword research, content writers may also help.

By analyzing potential content terms and phrases, you can pinpoint terms and phrases you may want to include. Several companies will also assist with long-tail and semantic keywords. A content strategy can be developed entirely by a writer or a team of content marketers using solar or content marketing specialists. Creating and publishing blogs, eBooks, listicles, and whitepapers can be part of this process. In addition to social media and email marketing, your content strategy may include video production.

Production of content: Creating content is perhaps the essential role of a content writer. Their services range from creating blog posts to creating web pages for their clients. Several companies offer free editing and updates along with their work. Depending on how the content performs, you can also request ongoing metrics.

A member of your marketing team can also perform proofreading and editing.

However, the content writers of some websites do all the editing and proofreading themselves. Nevertheless, there is the possibility that you will need to pay for additional service hours.

Publication and outreach: You can usually upload your content to your chosen platform with the help of your content writers. The posts could be added to a WordPress website and scheduled. Professionals will also work with you on creating a content calendar to ensure your content is published and promoted at the exact right time. Some content writers can also help you reach out to other blogs and publications for guest posts.

Content writers will do different types of work depending on who you hire. Content writers offer bonus services as the market for content writing becomes more saturated, increasing their chances of being hired.

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India’s Content Writing Scope

The buzzword of content creation has been around for a long time, but it is nothing new. Throughout history, humans have communicated in a variety of ways. We have seen a drastic change in how and platforms we communicate with during the last two decades. Anyone capable of developing original content and presenting it so that others can understand can be considered a content writer. A content writer also writes for Facebook, blogs or tweets.

Professional content writers must do more than write. Nonetheless, we all do what a content writer does professionally. Search engines spawned SEO copywriters in the early 2000s, becoming content writers. Because Google rewards quality content and penalizes spam, consumers prefer professional writers.

Importance of Quality Content

A revolution has taken place in traditional marketing, thanks to digital marketing. Developing engaging content that gets people to take action is the responsibility of a professional content writer. Digital marketing is built on content. People ignore distracting banners and print ads that marketers use as invasive marketing methods. Content that provides value-added to attract target markets is the focus. This new strategy focuses on content. Before a business asks its prospects to buy its products, it wants to provide them with a lot of valuable content.

The Future of Content Writing

Visual Content

The modern consumer prefers to consume content in a visual format, and text is not as effective as videos or infographics. There are more than 3 billion searches made on YouTube every month, making it the second-largest search engine in the world! Social media shares of infographics are three times higher.

For this reason, many major blogs move away from posting long text posts in favour of short videos or podcasts. Content writers continue to develop original content, and there is only a change in how the content is presented. A content writer will write for visual formats if they are familiar with video production and storyboarding.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is already replacing many job functions and will continue to do so shortly. Content writing is another area where AI can be useful. Software such as Spinnerchief already writes articles in minutes for you. To produce search engine optimized articles, they scan web articles for relevant keywords. Since this software does not meet the standards of human readability and quality, serious content marketers do not use them. Some content writers use the software for research and search engine optimization purposes. AI may completely replace or even support content writing within a few years. Consequently, content writers must develop creative content strategies and storytelling skills.

Attributes of Quality Content

Content of high quality shows the following indicators. Great content is:

People can understand it because it is simple, and good content writers can explain even complicated concepts in an easily understandable way.

Factually correct and free of plagiarism – All information must be credible.

Entertaining – It must capture the attention of the audience.

Personalized – A target audience is always the target of content, and visitors should be addressed directly by the content, representing the brand.

Engaging – Shares, likes, and comments are measures of audience engagement, and this requires the content to be valuable to their readers and worth sharing with family and friends who share their interests.

Additional Skills: Writing website content requires some additional skills. The content you write will rank higher in search engines if you know SEO and link building. Content marketing will also be more effective with copywriting skills. As a whole, content marketing includes content writing. Better content writers are knowledgeable about marketing, strategy, social media, and inbound sales funnels.

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