Operational technology vs. information technology explained

Operational technology vs. information technology explained

What is information technology?

IT is the more recognizable of these two technologies and represents the critical infrastructure required for data processing. It is also -- arguably perhaps -- the more mature and advanced of the twin techs.

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Operational technology vs. information technology explained

IT systems are generally data-oriented, serving as repositories for corporate information and making that data available to business-related applications and the people who used those apps. IT's role is broad and extremely diverse, spanning systems that control and track accounting activities, sales and marketing, customer support, payroll processing and human resources management.

Physically, IT comprises the familiar components of computing systems, including servers, storage systems, network equipment and end-user devices.

Over the past couple of decades, IT's definition has expanded to include cloud-based services and mobile computing devices, giving IT both a local and remote presence. Connectivity to the internet is the primary enabler for IT's remote and cloud operations and is also a primary security concern.