Kingdee and Fenghua High-tech Jointly Start a New Journey to Digitalization

Kingdee and Fenghua High-tech Jointly Start a New Journey to Digitalization

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 24, the launching meeting for the ERP platform construction project of Guangdong Fenghua High-tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fenghua High-tech") was held in Zhaoqing Fenghua Electronics Industrial Park.Yang Ming, Senior Vice President of Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited ("Kingdee International", "Kingdee" or the "Company", collectively called the "Group" along with its affiliated companies; stock code: 0268.HK) and General Manager of Kingdee Guangdong, Lin Mengjie, Deputy General Manager of Kingdee Guangdong, and relevant persons in charge of the project on both sides attended the meeting, jointly discussing the strategic plan and implementation plan for the digital transformation and intensive strategic operation of Fenghua High-tech. The meeting marks a new step forward on Fenghua High-tech's journey to digitalization.

Yang Ming said Fenghua High-tech and Kingdee as leaders in respective fields have many similar genes, and hopes that empowered by cloud technologies, both sides can team up and contribute to the self-strengthening of the nation and industrial revitalization amid the huge wave of information technology application innovation and localization. As the next generation PaaS platform, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic can help enterprises, particularly large enterprises, build independent and controllable digital business capability assembly platforms with steady performance, strong resilience and fast response, and thus resembles the "arm shop" for enterprises to generate digital fighting capacity. The project gathers the best talents from both sides. During implementation, members of both sides are expected to uphold the same initial aspiration and goal, and work to complete the construction of the digital platform.

The leader of the Kingdee and Fenghua High-tech project team gave a report on project launch, detailing the goal and scope of the project, division of labor among members, implementation strategy and plan, as well as management mechanism.

 Kingdee and Fenghua High-tech Jointly Start a New Journey to Digitalization

In the era of Industrial Internet, enterprises are undergoing drastic digital transformation and revolution in operation and management, products and services, and commercial modes. As a new choice for countless Top 500 enterprises, Kingdee will stay focused on the desire of enterprise operators for growth, provide steady, reliable, safe and trustworthy cloud services with sustained innovations for all industries, and empower more Chinese enterprises with cloud technologies.

About Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited

Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited ("Kingdee International" or "Kingdee") was established in 1993. It is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 0268.HK) and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Adhering to the core values of "Acting in all Conscience, with Integrity and Righteousness", the Company is committed to helping businesses achieve their growth targets through dedicated services. It strives to provide clients with the most trusted enterprise service platform.

With the exploration in cloud services area, Kingdee has continuously received recognition from renown global and local research institutions. Kingdee achieved the following six major recognitions: 1) the only Chinese enterprise SaaS vendor ranked top-five market share in Garnter's 2020 Application Platform Software; 2) the only Chinese enterprise SaaS vendor selected into Gartner's Global Market Guide; 3) the only Chinese vendor won IDC's 2020 Global SaaS Customer Satisfaction Award, ranked No.1 in ERP SaaS customer satisfaction; 4) the only Chinese vendor selected into IDC's 2021 Asia Pacific Manufacturing ERP SaaS MarketScape, as a Contender; 5) the only company ranked No.1 market share in IDC's China's Enterprise SaaS ERM market for four consecutive years; 6) the only company ranked No.1 market in IDC's growth enterprise application software market for seventeen consecutive years.

Many cloud service products of Kingdee have won the favour of benchmark enterprises, which included Kingdee Cloud Cosmic (new-generation PaaS Platform for enterprises), Kingdee Cloud Constellation (SaaS solution for large enterprises), Kingdee Cloud Galaxy (SaaS solution for medium-sized enterprises), Kingdee Cloud Stellar (SaaS solution for micro and small enterprises). Kingdee has provided software management and cloud services for more than 6.8 million enterprises, governments and organizations across the world.

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