Big ICO is coming up, Blockchain Technology for the worldwide Manufacturing Industry

Big ICO is coming up, Blockchain Technology for the worldwide Manufacturing Industry

Luzerne, May11, 2022(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Switzerland-based indu4.0 Ag plans to conduct an ICO this year, raising $16 million. The company is backed by the indu4.0platform, which has been developed over the past few years and is now in the testing phase. This year, they want to go online with the indu4.0 platform, which will require quite a bit of money. But it is not only about money, the further developments and visions of the three young founders are big.

The founding team consists of two experienced entrepreneurs, who themselves have been working in the industry for over 40 years, and an IT security expert. The public limited company indu4.0 AG is based in Switzerland and has been in existence since 2017.

What is indu4.0

indu4.0 is a tool for the manufacturing industry for a self-explanatory and efficient B2B marketplace. With this tool it is possible to find new suitable offers as well as suppliers for the industry in the shortest possible time. The art behind this tool is to present the very complex requirements in a simplified and self-explanatory way. Similar to a platform for car search, with the big difference that the diversity of the industry is much higher.

Big ICO is coming up, Blockchain Technology for the worldwide Manufacturing Industry

Despite its global importance (automotive industry, mechanical engineering, medical technology, etc.), the industrial sector still has a huge catch-up potential in the area of digitalization and blockchain technology. The founders and investors have the vision to set a new standard worldwide with this platform and to establish the currency of the industry with the INDU token.

In addition to the payment system, the blockchain acts as a proof of copyright (plagiarism protection) for exchanged technical drawings as well as CAD data. In addition, details about the awarding of contracts are stored in the blockchain for the purpose of preserving evidence.

To ensure that as many people as possible use the platform worldwide, there is a bonus program in which users can earn additional INDU Tokens. The more INDU Tokens a user holds, the higher the reward. Thus, you have redefined the classic staking, and the users work for the rewards, which in turn allows the platform to grow further.


In the future, there will be a Metaverse for the manufacturing industry. In the metaverse, companies can advertise their services and products globally. Plants and machines can be presented without traveling. On the one hand, this makes it possible to make the worldwide news accessible to everyone, and on the other hand, it reduces significant emissions. Another feature is the digitization of the company sites themselves, the potential customers can be guided through the production hall before they physically arrive for the first time. The manufacturing companies can independently digitize their production hall with the help of a 3D camera and then link the data to the indu4.0 platform. The entire metaverse is to be accessible from the browser and not necessarily with 3D glasses, so everyone can participate.

INDU Token

There will be 750'000'000 pieces of the INDU token, 37% share is already sold at the ICO. The selling price is between 0.04 USD and 0.08 USD and the INDU Token will be launched at a price of 0.1 USD. Compared to Bitcoin, the founders have intentionally chosen a higher number of tokens. The INDU Token is intended to become the currency of the industry and make the value behind it more realistically tradable for the masses. Looking at the global industry turnover of 21 trillion USD and the INDU Token establishing itself, the goal of 1 USD for an INDU Token should be within reach.

The first rounds of sales will start soon, for more info visit